Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2012

Rich Brown and family visited Villa Espiral for Semana Santa
Rich, Chris and Marisa, hanging out in the Villa Espiral pool.
Rosada was firing.

The Rancho Santana Clubhouse, within walking distance of Villa Espiral,  is awesome!

Clubhouse pool with second peak in the background

The Browns took the Rancho Santana road over to Los Perros (about a 5 minute drive). From there, you can check Panga Drops. Looks good!

The Browns, taking in the view from Los Perros
And it's quite a view. That Pie de Gigante in the distance.
The right at Los Perros

Howler Monkey!

Not a bad life, being a bird.
Natural sculpture at Rosada
Tide pool at Rosada
The Brown's headed over to Gigante and Selva Del Mar. This was taken from the top of Selva Del Mar, looking at Pie de Gigante

With help from the lovely Yamali Palma, the Browns organized the kids at Gigante for a little giveaway.

Chris and Marisa gave out several soccer balls.

Marisa hands out baseballs to the kids
Marisa, lining up a nice one at Magnific Rock, about a half mile up the beach from the Rancho Santana Clubhouse
Rich on a nice one at Magnific Rock
The Magnific Rock hotel and restaurant is a great place to hang out.

Marisa, surfing Santana Beach break.

Marisa, at Playa Escondida

Chris and Marisa, at a hidden tidepool, just north of Playa Escondida. That's the point at Rosada in the distance

Clubhouse bar and lounge

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here is a link to a video I made of our February 2012 visit to Villa Espiral.