Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September Update

This is a recreation of some tile art of Hermes, the mythical messenger of the gods. The original was created centuries ago, and includes the words "set up in the midst, he wears the cosmos in a wreath about him."

This recreation was done through the skill of our architect, Pepe Tercero, the talented craftsmen who work for Granados Construction Company, and Rivas artist, Tifon, who painted Hermes in the center of the tile work at the bottom of the swimming pool at Villa Espiral, Rancho Santana, Nicaragua.

And here it is, submerged.

The infinity perspective of the pool is clear in this shot. How do you like that left peeling off in the background?

Here is my wife Angela, enjoying the view from the edge of the pool.

You can sit at the bar in the kitchen and watch the waves too.

The folding doors open up to bring the outdoors and the indoors together. That's my son, Gray hanging out with his Mom on the first day the pool was filled. This shot was taken from inside the kitchen.

The banana fiber lounge is a great place to lay down after a swim or a surf.

Here I am, enjoying the view and about to take a mid day siesta.

This is the view from the living room.

And the view from the veranda.

Here is the view from the master bedroom.

And here is a shot of the master bedroom with the folding doors open. We woke to the sound of parrots who hang out in the trees just outside this room.

Here is the view from the bed in the 3rd bedroom. We still have some landscaping to do, and some of the lights weren't installed at the time these pics were taken, but they should be in by the time you read this.

The living room is a great place to hang out and take in the sunset, or watch a dvd.

My high school buddy, Jack Ridley, came down with us to celebrate our first stay at Villa Espiral. Here, he and Angela enjoy chips made from Yolanda's hand made tortillas. If you haven't visited Yolanda's in Limon (about a kilometer or so north of the gates of Rancho Santana), you are really missing out. The guacamole was made by Gray and his buddy Ryan, from avocados, chiles, limes, and culantro, grown at our nearby eco-project, Selva Del Mar, where they live. The chiles give it a tasty kick. It was heavenly!

This is the best place to hang out if you want to watch the chefs in action. Those squash were grown at Selva Del Mar, in nearby Gigante.

A couple of beers later, I didn't hold the camera steady enough to clearly catch Ryan and Gray making the inaugural Villa Espiral dinner.

But I held it together long enough to get this shot of the result. Fresh lobster, caught by our friends in Gigante. Gray and Ryan cooked them up with butter and garlic. There's the squash and limes from Selva Del Mar, along with locally grown rice.

Here we are. celebrating our first meal at Villa Espiral. Special thanks to Gray and Ryan for this dinner and to Jack for all his help getting the house together so we could enjoy this special moment. Thanks also to Jack for some great shots of Rosada and these sunset pictures.

You can see why they call our beach "Rosada". Villa Espiral is now available for your living pleasure. Contact me at to schedule a visit and to arrange other adventures in Nicaragua. And don't forget to check out our progress blog for Selva Del Mar.

Saludos, Lincoln