Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February Update

Hi Folks,

Last week, I took these pictures of the progress on Villa Espiral, Rancho Santana, Tola, Nicaragua. This is the view from the road going up to Casa Ensueno. As you can see, dry season is upon us. They call this area dry tropical area because of this seasonal change from October's drenching rains to April's windy and parched austerity. Some of the trees lose their leaves, but they begin to blossom.

This picture is taken from Antonio Granado's lot next door. He tells me he plans to turn it into a garden, to preserve the view from his house behind it. This will make Villa Espiral look even more beautiful.

The prevailing offshore wind will funnel through this area and pull warm air out of the house, keeping the interior cool.

Did you notice how Jose is in most of these shots? He is an excellent, dedicated foreman. This man is on task. "Siempre," as he says.

Note the curvey entrance steps. Pepe used these at Pelican Eyes and Piedras y Olas in San Juan del Sur. Next to it is a planter. I have some ideas for plants that would creep out of the planter and up that adjacent post.

The curved cement form they are finishing is for the indirect lighting that will illuminate the Cane ceiling and soften the light from the more energy friendly flourescent lights.